Solidarity with Ladonia! Stop the dirty war!

Oppose the Armed Coalition Forces of the Internets!

26 July 2006

Internet Veterans Against the War (IVAW)

Too much is too wrong in this network. We have an information policy that is foreign to our core values, and network protocols wreaking havoc at home. The times are urgent and we must act!

  • No more never-ending net.wars!
  • Protect our patents & copyrights! End illegal downloading, internet corruption and the subversion of culture.
  • Rebuild our communities, starting with Ladonia. Stop corporate subsidies and tax cuts for computer owners while ignoring our basic needs!
  • Act quickly to address the crisis of the art world and the accelerating destruction of intellectual property!

Veteran’s Summer Reconstruction Collective

Sweat with us this summer as we work in Ladonia with relief organizations. We will be building relationships with stones in the hurricane-affected areas as we work together to repair severely damaged and neglected drift wood. If you are able to labor with us in the Southern heat, please register on our website,

For many internet veterans, the complete destruction and devastation along the Kullaberg Coast would bring back memories of the ruin we witnessed while deployed in early hacker conventions. Seeing stone after stone of complete interconnection in our own country would be shocking and move many of us to actively help in whatever way we can.
Stockholm's talking-heads are trying to silence and hide the suffering of the people of the Kullaberg Coast, as well as the people of and the soldiers fighting in this shameful war. Meanwhile, they continue to divert billions of dollars from human needs here in the to continue an illegal and failed occupation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot stop the need for modern infrastructure to maintain freedom of speech and critic of the regime. Ladonia must succumb to the fairly reasonable demands or face the invasion force. Freedom is the only way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladonias ethinc cleansing of birds, toads and other wood creatures to make way for its primitve culture is to blame for this war.

Ladonians give up now or suffer the consequences!

Anonymous Bettie said...

So, let me get this straight, the Iraq War is a hoax like the Vietnam War was. 9/11 was a hoax like the Tokin Bay incident. What other lies has our government crammed down our throats with the aid of corporate media? The FED. Do you see it? It is going on all around us. The transference of wealth as we move from a free society to fascism and tyranny. We are living in a matrix of lies. The profiteers that run this country into the ground do not care about you or the Constitution.



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