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25 July 2006

Waveless war against Ladonia?

The launching of an outright war using powerful waveless radiation against Ladonia is now in the final planning stages!

Coalition partners, which include The Pirate Bay and several other sites of mass distribution, are in "an advanced stage of readiness".

Various military exercises have been conducted, starting in early 2005. In turn, the Ladonian Defence Force have also conducted large scale military maneuvers in the Skagerack in December in anticipation of a ACFI attack.

Since early 2005, there has been intense online diplomacy between Washington, Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley and ACFI headquarters on EFnet.

The actions announced by The Pirate Bay would be carried out in close coordination with the ACFI. The command structure of the operation is centralized and ultimately elite hackers will decide when to launch the military operation.

The media in chorus has unequivocally pointed to Ladonia as a "threat to World Peace".

The antiwar movement has swallowed the media lies. The fact that the Internet Forces are planning a Scandinavian digital holocaust is not part of the antiwar agenda.

The "connectivity" is presented to world public opinion as a means to forcing Ladonia to let the Kopimi enter.

We are told that this is not a war but a military peace-keeping operation, in the form of naval and digital attacks directed against Ladonia's jubilee.

Media disinformation has been used extensively to conceal the devastating consequences of waveless radiation involving 2,4 GHz WiFi against Ladonia.


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